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Alt. Country Specialty Chart Top 10!

LW | TW | Artist  | Album | Label

#4| #1| Esther Rose|    You Made it This Far| Father/Daughter | SITE

#2| #2| Charley Crockett|   The Valley|   Thirty Tigers | SITE

#72| #3| (Various) Trib. Ray Wylie Hubbard| The Messenger|  Eight 30 | SITE

#22| #4| Kelsey Waldon|   White Noise/White Lines|  Oh Boy | SITE

#1| #5| (Various) Country Music Sndtrk| Ken Burns Country Music Sndtrk| Legacy | SITE

#116| #6| Chris Knight|    Almost Daylight| Decca/Thirty Tigers | SITE

#6| #7| Jason Hawk Harris|   Love & the Dark|  Bloodshot | SITE

#14| #8| Rob Ickes & Trey Hensley|  World Full of Blues|   Compass | SITE

#25| #9| Monica Rizzio|    Sunshine Is Free|  Self Released | SITE

#29| #10| Del Barber|    Easy Keeper|   Self Released | SITE




Longtime roots music radio promoters Joe Swank and Jenni Finlay spearheading brand-new effort to promote more country-based music on airwaves nationwide

AUSTIN, Texas – Big news: Alt.Country Music will launch a new radio chart for country music! “We're a collection of radio promoters, stations and industry folk who have an interest in promoting more country-based and country-influenced music,” says longtime radio promoter Joe Swank, who fronts the effort along with celebrated radio promoter and industry insider Jenni Finlay. “Unfortunately, filtering out actual country-based songs and artists has become more difficult as the last few years have passed, and AAA and indie rock have found their way to the Americana format.” The more twang-based material promoters initially tracked for Americana came primarily from specialty shows.

This exciting new collective has decided that it's time to start paying more attention to these specialty shows, in order to get a clearer picture of what is available for the discerning country music fans. “We feel that this collective of radio promoters will be a more accurate representation of the country side of the coin,” Swank says. “Of course, this would include the harder edge (Cowpunk/Southern Rock/Contemporary Blues) as well as the softer side (Folk/Bluegrass) and the balance between (Rockabilly/Western Swing). The over-riding theme is country-based or inspired.”

For example, an indie rock band with a banjo may not qualify. Whereas a rock band who decides to make a country record may very well qualify. The collective aims to move away from adds based on names and history and get back to the actual records that are out and happening so folks looking for new twang-based music can find it. To that end, they are introducing an Alt. Country Specialty Chart. Additionally, they have sponsors and would like to start doing prototype charts over the next couple months to test run any problems we may encounter. “Sounds like the real deal chart,” says Dan Ferguson of WRIU. “I'm in!” “I applaud your efforts,” echoes KNON's Obie Obermark, “on behalf of country music.”

This website will have a place to suggest new releases that the promoters may not be aware of, as well as a place to suggest specialty shows we may not be aware of that would fit the mold as an Alt. Country reporter. This will be a vast undertaking. “We have watched the music we love get pushed further down the list week after week and are tired of telling talented artists that their records are 'too country' for Americana and watching good records go unnoticed,” Swank says. “All other avenues to attempt to remedy the problem have come to no fruition and we find ourselves here.” “We hope you will join us in launching this Alt.Country chart,” Finlay says, “and truly returning to our roots.”

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